Luminaria Organizers (TM)

Luminaria Organizers (TM) are a new way to capture the notes, ideas, inspirations, facts, numbers, photos, clippings and a thousand other things you can’t live without - on your Mac, PC, phone or mobile device.

There’s a Luminaria Organizer (TM) for most popular interests - download one into your favorite Notes app, whether it’s Apple Notes, Evernote, OneNote or Android Notes, and you’re ready to go.  Personalize them by making edits however you like, delete ones you don’t need, even create new ones.

Because they work inside your existing Notes app, they’re always backed up, and available at a moment’s notice.  No need to drag around a large Moleskine notebook or chunky Filofax.


Owing to recent changes made by Evernote, sales of the Evernote templates
are temporarily suspended.


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